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Introduced 'number' Object

Since 0.23.15 version it is possible to use number object just like this:

# this is 7
(QQ.math.number -7).abs 

It is a decorator of int and float objects with the following additional attributes:

is-int - is this number is int (/bool)

is-float - is this number is float (/bool)

xor - bitwise xor operation, only for int (/int)

or - bitwise or operation, only for int (/int)

and - bitwise and operation, only for int (/int)

left - bitwise left shift operation, only for int (/int)

right - bitwise right shift operation, only for int (/int)

neq - this number not equal to another number (/bool)

mod - modulo operation (right now just for /int)

abs - absolute value (/int or /float)

pow - make this number power of another number (/int or /float)

as-float - converts this number to float (/float)

as-int - converts this number to int (/int)

as-string - converts this number to int (/string)

signum - sign of this number (/int of /float)

Return values depends on type of provided number.

Visit our paper to get more details.