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Rho, Sigma and Other Fantastic Beasts of EO
New Syntax for Nameless @-Bound-Only Objects
Bye-bye, bool!
Big changes in 0.36.0
Recursive Tuple and Varargs
Convert EO to φ-calculus Expression and Back
$ Object
Comparison of 0.0 and -0.0
Application to application
MEMORY as a container for a real data
The CAGE Prohibits Storing Objects Formed Differently
We Are Hiring!
Automating the Pull of New Releases for EO Libraries
Declarative WHILE: nested example
The WHILE Object Is Declarative Now
Object Adoption
How to Create a Java Atom
XMIR, a Quick Tour
EO Build Process: Placed Catalog
New Dataization Result of While Object
Parser of EO as an External Java Library
Global EO Cache
Pseudo-random generation in EO
Introduced 'error' Object and new semantic of 'try' Object
Placing and Unplacing in JAR Artifacts
Introduced 'switch' Object
How to Compile Against a Fixed Version of Objectionary
Introduced 'number' Object
Unit Testing with 'eoc'
Introduced 'string.slice' Object
Memory Can't Be Empty
We Got Rid of Object 'char'
What EO is for?