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ATTENTION! We are also hiring interns (BSc and MSc students). Find me in Telegram, we will discuss: yegor256.

EOLANG is an R&D project, where we create a new programming language in order to introduce new techniques of object-oriented programming. We believe that existing object-oriented languages, such as Java and C++, are not strong enough in their adherence to the object paradigm originally introduced by Alan Kay and earlier implemented in languages like Smalltalk and Self. Besides that, we expect to explore the possibility of using our new language as an intermediate representation in the process of optimization of mainstream languages. EOLANG is based on 𝜑-calculus, which is a formal foundation for it and potentially for other object-oriented languages.

We have a few open positions in our team:

We expect you:

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When you decide to apply, be prepared to share this data with us (this is what we pay attention to, in order of importance): years of experience (and company names); education degree (BSc, MSc, PhD, etc.); h-index; books; patents; open source projects; GitHub followers; industry certifications; English level; StackOverflow reputation; blogs and vlogs; non-for-profit activities; public speaking experience; Twitter followers.

Apply to jobs@eolang.org (we reply to all emails).